About Us


The Face Place has been successfully operating in Los Angeles for over 32 years and is responsible for keeping some of the most beautiful and famous faces aglow, including Sofia Coppola, Rene Russo, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tom Cruise. Our clinical approach combines skilled extraction techniques and galvanic current to deliver improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer complexion. It is the original and most effective anti-aging treatment offered today. The galvanic current allows a powerful anti-aging solution to penetrate the skin providing optimum stimulation and regeneration of the facial tissues. A bi-monthly commitment to treatments and a recommended home regimen will produce astonishing results. Paul Rogers and Tony Silla acquired the Face Place in 1997 and continued the company’s commitment to the skin care philosophy that had been so successful since its opening in 1972.

Sally Hershberger is one of the most influential and sought-after hairstylists in the world, a personal favorite of celebrities, directors and supermodels alike for her consistently new vision and the skill that marks her individuality. Equally in demand in the world of fashion, she is getting the reputation of being a style icon. In addition to her two chic hair salons, located on Melrose Place in Los Angeles and in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District, Sally has also launched a line of jeans and t-shirts called Shagg. Sally has been a client of the Face Place for over 15 years, so it seems only natural for her to collaborate with Paul Rogers and Tony Silla in creating a phenomenal line of anti-aging skincare products.

Sally, Paul, and Tony joined forces to bring the expertise of the Los Angeles Face Place clinic to the east coast at Sally Hershberger Face Place, located above Sally’s Manhattan hair salon. However, this collaboration did not stop in New York. The three partners have always had an unwavering dedication to the same skincare philosophy which is based on the basic principles of detoxify, clarify, maintain, replenish, protect and repair. Their goal was to transfer the benefits received from the Face Place clinics to clients across the country, through the development of a line of advanced anti-aging skincare products. Now clear, clean, rejuvenated skin can be achieved at home with Sally Hershberger Face Place anti-aging formulations.