11 Things That Happen To Your Body After You Stop Drinking Coffee

A regular cup of coffee contains around 200Mg of caffeine. If you are an active coffee drinker and consume 4-5 cups of coffee a day or even more then you must research about harmful effects of drinking coffee. After knowing some of the harms that coffee might do to your body if you have decided to quit drinking coffee that it may affect your body positively. Let us learn how?

11 Things that happen to Body after you stop drinking Coffee

Check out 11 things that are sure to happen to your body after you quit drinking coffee. It is going to benefit your health.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the sure things to happen after you quit coffee. The sugar blended coffee drinks are the weight gainers. A cup of coffee with sugar in it can add 200 calories and enhance the body mass. Now just imagine you have skipped the coffee from your routine for some time. The weight loss is for sure.

You will Feel Calmer

Caffeine acts like a stimulant. It releases adrenaline and makes you anxious by enhancing your blood pressure. After you have stopped coffee, you will definitely feel much calmer than before.

You will have a Happier Tummy

Caffeine also enhances the digestive activity. Coffee is acidic and removing it from your routine will save a lot of trips to the bathroom.

Better Mood

Most of you might feel lethargic when the caffeine reaction after morning coffee start ending. You have mood swings. Skipping coffee will definitely make your mood better.

You will Sleep More and Get More Energy

The caffeine boost to body even 6 hours before your sleep can disturb your sleep. It acts on the central nervous system and alert our brain. It also removes the fatigue. This is the reason why you may feel low on energy after the caffeine effect is over. Quitting coffee will surely improve your sleep time and you will feel energized after you wake up.

Fewer Headaches

Caffeine is one of the major reasons of headaches and even migraine. No coffee means no headache due to caffeine.

Healthier Teeth

Coffee is acidic and can cause stain on teeth if you are an active drinker. It can also cause tooth decay by eroding the tooth enamel and can also make your teeth yellow. Eliminating the coffee from your routine can result in healthy and whiter teeth.

No More Jitters

Jitters or shaky hands are one of the leading harmful effects of drinking too much coffee. It can depend from person to person and range from annoying to debilitating. Quitting the coffee can give back the steady hands to you.

Low Risk of Cardiac Failures

Caffeine often stimulates the heart muscles making them to contract faster. In this process it may tear the muscles and may lead to heart disorder. Leaving coffee will surely reduce the risk of cardiac disorders/failures.

Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Caffeine in coffee also affects the way our body uses the sugar. This may enhance the blood sugar level and affects the organs adversely. Active coffee drinkers are often found suffering from Type 2 diabetes. So quitting coffee will significantly reduce the risk of having Type 2 diabetes.

Improve Overall Health

Many studies have claimed that coffee is beneficial in enhancing the health of humans. But these studies are only true for people who drink one or two cups of coffee or similar beverages in a day. The active coffee drinkers consuming 4-5 mugs of coffee in a day may suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other disorders. If you stop drinking coffee, you will surely prevent heath disorders and enhance your health.

Final Words

‘Excess of Everything Bad’ is one of the renowned proverbs. The same is very true in case of coffee. Limited quantity of coffee when consumed has resulted in enhancement of health, but if you consume too much coffee in a day, you are certainly at risk to build too many diseases/disorders. This may affect your health adversely and the situations may go worse. So stop consuming too much coffee today and read above to know about some of the health benefits for the same.…

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