Easy Chinese New Year Recipes

This year, Chinese New Year will be a much more organized affair, since I have been researching easy Chinese New Year recipes BEFOREHAND, instead of having a having an “oh-shit-Chinese-New-Year-is-in-two-days-I-want-to-make-something-but-what???” moment. For me, celebration = lots of food so having my list means I’m ready to get my party on!

Here’s a roundup of easy Chinese New Year recipes for your celebration!


The word for shrimp sounds like the word for laughter in Chinese, and being the literal folk that we are, we believe eating shrimp will bring happiness in the new year.


Meatballs symbolize “reunion” in Chinese, perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year with family and friends.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes (Nian Gao) are the quintessential dish to be eaten during Chinese New Year, as they represent increasing prosperity in the new year.

Chinese Tea Eggs

Tea eggs are pretty ubiquitous, people eat them as a snack (you can buy them at 7-Elevens in Asia!), they are served as part of lunch boxes, and of course, served during Chinese New Year as they signify prosperity and fertility. Good for anyone who wants more wealth (who doesn’t?) or trying to get knocked up.


Fish is an important dish to serve at Chinese New Year, birthday celebrations, and basically any special occasion since it symbolizes prosperity. Traditionally, it’s served whole but my cooking skills aren’t that advanced yet. Here’s a manageable, yummy option that doesn’t require wrangling a whole fish.


Noodles represent longevity and are another mainstay of special occasion meals. Don’t cut the noodles or else you’re cutting your life short! Slurp away with this chicken noodle stir fry recipe.

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